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The Process

At every stage in this unique process, I will guide and help you to decide on shape, silhouette, colour, fabric choices and the perfect fit.  
This bespoke offering is completely designed to make sure that, at every stage YOU are in control and YOU are the decision maker. This ensures that at the end of this creative journey together, you take home an outfit that is perfectly appropriate for the occasion & venue. It will be in a design that you have always dreamt of wearing and a silhouette that suits your figure wonderfully well and that will fit you like a glove.

The Process: Collections

Stage 1: The Design

Inspire me with ideas on what you have always wanted but could never find or simply look through your existing wardrobe and tell me what you would love to create. 

...a neckline from the all-time classic little black dress combined with a sleeve from that favourite summer blouse. Let’s find a perfect hemline that hides the parts you dislike the most...

Once we have decided on the design I will sketch out the finished idea so that you can be assured it works for you.  

Stage 2: Measurements

Your unique measurements are needed so that I can start to create your very own ‘toile’.

Toile .jpg

Stage 3: The toile

The word “toile” comes from the French word for linen cloth. The word is shortened from the full name 'toile de Jouy', which originates from the town of Jouy-en-Josas, in the suburbs of Paris.

A ‘toile’ garment, made up in the linen cloth, is constructed as a mock up and fitted to your body. Once fitted accurately, the toile is then converted into a bespoke pattern - unique just for you. This unique pattern is then used to cut your garment in the fabric of your choice.

Stage 4: Pattern Cutting

Following on from your toile, a bespoke pattern is created especially for you & your body shape.

Pattern cutting.jpg

Stage 5: Fabric

Together we decide on the best texture, print, fabric weight, drape & shade of cloth that is going to work well with your chosen design.

Stage 6: Construction

Your garment is sewn together using couture techniques and quality craftsmanship skills.


Stage 7: Fitting

Fitting the garment to your body to get the perfect silhouette. At this initial first stage little changes and tweaks can be made eg. neckline a little lower, sleeve length taken up 1/2 inch & hips skimming in.

Stage 8: Finishing Touches

Once you have signed off on the fit, your garment is lovingly hand finished and ready to wear!

Finishing touches cwg designer couture.j
The Process: Text
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